Sunday, October 9, 2016


On celebration of the annual World Space Week, BS Astronomy students together with RTU-Astronomy Society host exhibits and lectures tackling astronomy and space. Held at the Astronomy Center, October 6.

Event started off with a public solar observation to allow students and staff alike to get a glimpse of our very own star, the Sun. It didn’t start off that well due to the weather condition.  After waiting for an hour or so, the clouds parted for the Sun allowing us to view it in all its blazing glory.  

Next was a lecture led by a graduate of BS Astronomy and is now a part-time professor in RTU, Mr. Jerome Felicidario. He talked about about junk, specifically Space Junk and its consequences. If you have watched the movie, Wall-E, notice how Earth is surrounded by a graveyard of satellites? Those are called space junk and we have thousands of de-commissioned satellites orbiting our planet at this moment. 

Moreover, Astronomy students prepared exhibits—ranging from a scaled model of the solar system as well as a model of the International Space Station. There are exhibits as well that makes use of simple physics and maybe a little light-bending; this includes dancing lights, thermodynamic floating cups and glowing cups.

Also, the Manila Planetarium situated a mobile planetarium at Astronomy room two, students was able to see the beauty of the night sky without actually going out. 

-CompaƱero, Hans Carlo J.

You can see the WSW 2016 pictures on the Official RTU-AstroSoc page on Facebook.

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