Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The following pictures showcases the celebration of the National Astronomy Week at the Rizal Technological University. Simple but informational booths/exhibits were attended by enthusiasts as the event progressed.

"Stellarium" Show using freeware program Stellarium (3rd Year). Photo courtesy: Girlie Cortez

A photo of the Astronomy Center facility with students who finished participating in the Stellarium show. Photo courtesy: Girlie Cortez

The cast of the "Constellation Cosplay" (1st Year) exhibit where students can ask the history and legend behind them. Photo courtesy: Girlie Cortez

An "Artificial Tornado" simulator (2nd Year). Photo courtesy: Girlie Cortez

Students listening to a lecture about telescopes with the trivia booth (3rd Year) in the background. Photo courtesy: Girlie Cortez

A sample video of the trivia booth. 

More pictures to come in Part 2.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


In lieu to the National Astronomy Week, an event for promoting astronomy every February, an event was conducted at the Rizal Technological University with the help of students studying BS Astronomy Technology. 

Talks were conducted following an astronomy show where participating students were taught about the night sky using the program Stellarium. There were also various booths installed in the celebration prepared by the students of BS Astronomy Technology for display on curious students.

Note: Updates and Pictures will be posted soon as the event formally finishes tomorrow.