Friday, December 11, 2015


The Art of Learning Astronomy

Rizal Technological University-Astronomy Society's (RTU-AstroSoc.) under the Department of Earth and Space Sciences of Rizal Technological University launches the new and fun way of learning astronomy for the public to promote the said field of science in the Philippines with the following objectives:
  1. To have an outreach program which will enhance public astronomy awareness.
  2. To be able to establish a name that would be easier and remarkable to remember.
  3. To exploit astronomy education as a learning process with arts and sciences.
  4. To show the beauty of the Universe not only through lectures but also through observation by means of star gazing activities.

Geminid Meteor Shower

Geminid Meteor Shower

The RTU Astronomy Society will conduct an overnight observation at AGUHO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, SITIO AGUHO, SAMPALOC, TANAY RIZAL, from 3pm of December 12 to 7am of December 13, 2015.

Major Highlights of December 2015

December Astronomical Event

Heads up! A conjunction of the Moon in waning crescent and Venus will be seen on the night sky of December 8, around 4 am along with the visible comet on Catalina (C/2013 US10) located near the right foot of the constellation Virgo and about 3 degrees away from the moon (left). Note: Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina will still be visible before dawn

For more details you may download and check Stellarium.


On the night of December 13 till dawn of December 14 , observers will witness the peak or maximum number of meteors emanating from the constellation Gemini that has an expected ZHR (zenithal hourly rate) of ~100.

For details

Winter Solstice will occur on Dec. 22, 2015, exactly at 4:49 UT (8:48 pm in the Philippines) .It is expected that longer nights and shorter days will be experienced. Throughout the year, the direction of the tilt of the Earth's axis varies because the planet revolves around the Sun. Due to the tilt of the planet, which is about 23.5 degrees, amount of sunlight and time of exposure is uneven throughout the planet that causes seasons.
for details and updates: RTU DESS 

Leonid Meteor Shower

RTU-AstroSoc Leonids 2015

In the observance of the annual Leonid Meteor shower, Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society (RTU-AstroSoc) conducted a lecture series and overnight observation held at RTU Boni Campus, November 16-17.

Program started around 8:00 pm with the opening formalities; then, the monthly organizational meeting led by the RTU-AstroSoc President Ms. Julie Ann Delda and Treasurer Mr. Jason Kalaw.

Followed by series of lectures presented by Astronomy students: Mr. Lanz Lagman, Mr. Joseph Isidro, Mr. John Robert Quinto, Mr. Joe Flores, Ms. Kea Cabigao, Mr. Jianro Fadul, Ms. Phoebe Pura and Ms. Sarrah Amando. They tackled Introduction to Astronomy, Telescope and Telescope Installation, Astronomy Misconceptions and Hoaxes, and Meteor Shower, respectively.
Later, on the night sky observation, students stargazed and waited for meteors.

Writer: Jerald Karl Angelo Barranta
Photographer: Jeroh Hiyastro and Marycon Custodio

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

INOMN 2015: Getting to know more our Moon

RTU Astronomy Students

As part of the celebration for the International Observe the Moon Night (INOMN) 2015, the Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society (RTU-ASTROSOC) conducted a back-to-back lectures about the Moon—held the Astronomy Auditorium, September 17.

Lectures were discussed by fifth year BS Astronomy Technology students, Ms. Margareth Custodio and Ms. Ren Flores.
The former talked the basic techniques of Lunar Astrophotography; while, the latter is about the Moon Landing Hoax.

Moreover, the lunar observation part of this event was then moved on September 20-22 because the cloudy skies earlier. 

Writer:Jerald Karl Angelo Barranta
Photographer: Chenel Dominguez

Monday, May 25, 2015

RTU Signs a Memorandum of Agreement with the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand

Rizal Technological University and National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand

Signing Ceremony
Most of the world of science is powered by collaborations between different scientific communities. These bonds help with the exchange of ideas and technologies which, in turn, makes scientific research more engaging, innovative and worthwhile.

Such is a vision that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Rizal Technological University and the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) last May 15, 2015.

Dr. Torres (L) and Dr. Soonthornthum (R) Signing the MoU
Dr. Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres, the president of RTU, together with Dr. Edna Aquino, RTU’s Vice President for the Research and Extension Services; Engr. Ricardo N. Nasuli, the Dean of the RTU College of Engineering and Industrial Technology; and the Department Head of the RTU Department of Earth and Space Sciences Dr. Ruby Ann Dela Cruz headed to Thailand last May 13, 2015 for a three-day stay at Chiang Mai Province where both the NARIT and the Thailand National Observatory (TNO) is located.

The 2.4m Primary Mirror of the Thai National Telescope 
Dr. Torres and a Meade LX200-ACF Telescope

The “Meteowrong”—A Replica of a Comet’s Nucleus
Pieces from the Campo del Cielo Meteorite

Dr. Torres and Dr. Boonrucksar Inside the NARIT Workshop
The Mirror Coating Facility
The Mirror Coating Facility
Engr. Nasuli Taking a Look in the Telescope Mirror Coating System
Dr. Torres taking a Look in the Telescope Mirror Coating System

The Thailand National Observatory
TNO Control Room
Dr. Torres and the TNO
The TNO's  Ritchey-Chretien Telescope
The Spectroscope Connected to the 2.4 m Telescope  via Optic Fibers
Afterwards, on May 15, 2015, the MoU Signing Ceremony was held inside the NARIT premises. In the event, Dr. Torres did a concise speech about the past and current astronomy-related events held by RTU. He also discussed the current research and extensions of RTU, together with his future plans for the University.

Dr. Torres Speaking in the MoU Signing Ceremony
The MoU is aimed for collaborative research, training of both teachers and students, curriculum development, as well as for the joint effort in transferring knowledge and awareness in astronomy between NARIT and RTU.

We from the RTU are deeply thankful to Dr. Boonrucksar Soonthornthum and all of the officials of NARIT for having a MoU with us. We are heartily looking forward for the future outcomes brought upon by the new partnership.

Dr. Torres and Dr. Boonrucksar


Philippine Union of Student Organization for Astronomy

Creation of the constitution of astronomy-based/related student organization network, Philippine Union of Science Organizations for Astronomy (PUSO for Astronomy) was held at Astronomy Auditorium, Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong City (May 16, 2015).

Student organizations namely: Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society (RTU-ASTROSOC), University of the Philippines Astronomical Society (UP-ASTROSOC), University of the Philippines Los Ba├▒os Astronomical Society (UPLB-ASTROSOC), and University of Santo Tomas- Applied Physics Society (UST-APS), discussed each components of the developing network’s constitution. Ms. Kristine Atienza, Outgoing UP-ASTROSOC President moderated the discussion.

Moreover, PUSO for Astronomy is a network created for the communication and collaboration astronomy-based-student organizations throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Other PUSO for Astronomy members are: Mindanao State University-Marawi Astronomy Club, Philippine Normal University Astronomical Society, and Bataan Peninsula State University Astronomical Society.

Furthermore, the next general assembly is set on the end of July 2015.

Writer: Jerald Karl Angelo Barranta
Photographer: Marycon Custodio

Friday, May 8, 2015

SORP, Armillary Publication and RTU-AMD

Organization and Program under RTU-Astronomy Society and RTU-DESS

Solar Observation and Research Program (SORP)
is a program that means to develop the skills and knowledge of solar observers as well as contribute to science through data gathering, archiving, and distribution. The SORP conducts morphological and statistical studies of the Sun.

The Armillary Publication
is the official publication of the RTU-Astronomy Society and RTU-Department of Earth and Space Sciences. It covers all the astronomy event of the organization and of the department, and also it covers some astronomical events.

RTU-Astronomy and Meteorology Division
The Astronomy and Meteorology Division is a newly formed division of Department of Earth and Space Sciences under the jurisdiction of Rizal Technological University. The division is mandated to give reliable information from their own weather products and/or from DOST-PAGASA forecast bulletins for its parent department and for the safety of its own students during severe weather emergencies. The division is also tasked to nurture students that taking up BS Astronomy Technology who do have specialization on weather and climate.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Congratulations to the New Astronomers of the Philippines

Rizal Technological University congratulates the 4th batch of Filipino astronomers!

1. Jerome Felicidario
2. Ehmir Cristobal
3. Frank Fitzgerald Batin
4. Mary Crystalline Araracap
5. Mariel Juanillo
6. Jhoanna Marie Tabios
7. Rose Ann Bautista
8. Jerick Pajanustan
9. Girlie Cortez
10. Jhoanna Marie Cayas

Jerome Felicidario will be graduating as a Magna Cum Laude with a final average 1.33.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

National Astronomy Week 2015

National Astronomy Week 2015

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences invites all to come and join us, as we celebrate the National Astronomy Week.

February 16, 2015
Public Observation - Solar and Night Observation... OPEN TO ALL!!!

February 17, 2015
Manila Planetarium - Lectures and Planetarium show

February 18, 2015
Lecture Series in Astro Gallery, RND RTU and Mobile Planetarium