Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mr. and Ms. Astro 2013

Mr. and Ms. Astro

The Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society held its annual search for Mr. and Ms. Astronomy last September 14, 2013 where Mr. Jason Kalaw and Ms. Jochelle Micaela Heruela were deemed as the winners.

Ms. and Mr. Astro 2013
The pageant was started with a prayer led by Mr. Aldrin Gabuya, followed by the National Anthem. After that, the judges for the event were introduced. They are Ms. Maria Angela Lourdes Lequiron, Mr. Ryan Manuel Guido—instructors at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences—and Mr. Frank Kelvin Martinez, a former instructor and alumni of the Rizal Technological University.

After the judges were introduced, the contest proper immediately started with the casual wear portion followed by an intermission number. Then, the contest proceeded to the talent portion where the contestants their exceptional talents. This was followed by a special performance number by the Ms. Astronomy 2012, Princes Catherine Ilagan. After that, the pageant continued in the formal wear competition which was followed by the question and answer portion. The contest proper was then concluded by the “final walk” of the Ms. Astronomy 2012 and the announcement of the winners.

Special Awards were also given and the awards are as follows: for the girls, the awards for Best in Casual Wear and in Formal Wear were awarded to Nicole Hortelano, sophomore representative, and the Best in Talent award was given to Jochelle Micaela Heruela, freshman representative. As for the boys, the awards for Best in Talent and Best in Casual Wear were taken home by Jason Kalaw, sophomore representative. Lastly, Patrick Christoffer Obsuna was awarded as Best in Formal Wear.

Writer: Ren Flores
Photos by: Fey Albayda, Justine Garcia and Jianro Fadul