Sunday, October 9, 2016

National Planetarium Celebrates World Space Week

“Excited na ako!”
These were the words that came from one of the attendees, Margie Palacios, as her fellow Astronomy team went to National Planetarium in Manila, 7th of October 2016.
If you were to stand in front of National Planetarium, you’d hear this exact same line coming in from different points. Along with her is a faculty member, Mr. Jerome Felicidario, and her fellow classmates, C'jackquel Danauto, James Basit, and Mika Denise Samson.
Huge, grand edifice showed off their priced exhibits as a welcoming remark for the incoming guests. That’s miniature models of space-satellites, to retrieved tektites, embossed illustrations of our planets and deep-space nebulas, and facts and illustrations of our sky’s constellations we’re shown as well. As part of the planetarium’s celebration, lectures we’re conducted.
Mr. Paul Arce, along with his fellow colleague Jomar Razo, discussed the sorts of danger that is usually found in space. Furthermore, Mr. Miguel Artificio discussed the main ethics of astrophotography.

It was attended by students from College of Manila, Rizal Technological University, and individuals coming in taking part of the activity. However, due to the gloomy weather, the said to be astrophotography training was cancelled. The event wrapped up by 5:00pm in the afternoon.
-Mika Denise C. Samson

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