Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Solar Observation at Rizal Technological University Quadrangle

The 5th year BS-Astronomy Technology students under the subject Astronomy Education being advised by Ms. Ruby Dela Cruz, are required to conduct public observations and lectures to increase the knowledge and awareness of the people regarding astronomy.
We conducted a free public observation at RTU quadrangle on the date of February 11, 2013 12:15–1:00 pm , for the students and employees of the university. The sun was shining brightly that day. We used a Newtonian 8” reflecting telescope with a glass filter. Overall there were a total of 80 students composed of students from the college of nursing, engineering, education, science and high school who participated in the solar observation. The students asked a lot of question regarding astronomy and about our course BS-AstroTech. We answered their questions as best as we could so we can increase public awareness about astronomy. We also wanted to promote the upcoming National Astronomy Week and we encouraged them to visit our department to view the astronomy exhibits the astro students prepared.
Fig. 1 Ma. Angela Lourdes Lequiron entertaining question from RTU students

Fig. 2 Pauline Pearl Divinagracia and Ma. Angela Lourdes Lequiron with Engineering Students

Fig. 3 Nursing students observing the Sun

Fig. 4 Miguel Artificio and Pauline Pearl Divinagracia with RTU High School Students

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