Sunday, October 9, 2016

National Planetarium Celebrates World Space Week

“Excited na ako!”
These were the words that came from one of the attendees, Margie Palacios, as her fellow Astronomy team went to National Planetarium in Manila, 7th of October 2016.
If you were to stand in front of National Planetarium, you’d hear this exact same line coming in from different points. Along with her is a faculty member, Mr. Jerome Felicidario, and her fellow classmates, C'jackquel Danauto, James Basit, and Mika Denise Samson.
Huge, grand edifice showed off their priced exhibits as a welcoming remark for the incoming guests. That’s miniature models of space-satellites, to retrieved tektites, embossed illustrations of our planets and deep-space nebulas, and facts and illustrations of our sky’s constellations we’re shown as well. As part of the planetarium’s celebration, lectures we’re conducted.
Mr. Paul Arce, along with his fellow colleague Jomar Razo, discussed the sorts of danger that is usually found in space. Furthermore, Mr. Miguel Artificio discussed the main ethics of astrophotography.

It was attended by students from College of Manila, Rizal Technological University, and individuals coming in taking part of the activity. However, due to the gloomy weather, the said to be astrophotography training was cancelled. The event wrapped up by 5:00pm in the afternoon.
-Mika Denise C. Samson


On celebration of the annual World Space Week, BS Astronomy students together with RTU-Astronomy Society host exhibits and lectures tackling astronomy and space. Held at the Astronomy Center, October 6.

Event started off with a public solar observation to allow students and staff alike to get a glimpse of our very own star, the Sun. It didn’t start off that well due to the weather condition.  After waiting for an hour or so, the clouds parted for the Sun allowing us to view it in all its blazing glory.  

Next was a lecture led by a graduate of BS Astronomy and is now a part-time professor in RTU, Mr. Jerome Felicidario. He talked about about junk, specifically Space Junk and its consequences. If you have watched the movie, Wall-E, notice how Earth is surrounded by a graveyard of satellites? Those are called space junk and we have thousands of de-commissioned satellites orbiting our planet at this moment. 

Moreover, Astronomy students prepared exhibits—ranging from a scaled model of the solar system as well as a model of the International Space Station. There are exhibits as well that makes use of simple physics and maybe a little light-bending; this includes dancing lights, thermodynamic floating cups and glowing cups.

Also, the Manila Planetarium situated a mobile planetarium at Astronomy room two, students was able to see the beauty of the night sky without actually going out. 

-CompaƱero, Hans Carlo J.

You can see the WSW 2016 pictures on the Official RTU-AstroSoc page on Facebook.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cultural Contest and Mr. & Ms. Astro 2016

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016—Held at Astronomy Room1, the annual Cultural Contest and Mister and Miss Astro showcased that aside from being wanderers of the sky, BS Astronomy students were also talented in singing and possess incredible beauty and charm.

Program started with the singing competition. Audience jammed with contestants, Aljean Cabello performing the song If Only and Sarrah Amando with Salamat. The latter was hailed winner.

Meanwhile, the sole contestant in the kundiman song competition, Franchette Castillion sang Ang Tangi Kong Pagibig.

Moreover, the main event of the evening was this year’s pageant. Cheers and chants surrounded the venue when each candidates, dressed in white, entered the stage and presented themselves.

Then, presented their respective talents.

Wearing their stunning formal wears, the knowledge and wit of each candidates shined in the anticipated question and answer portion.

            Best in Casual Wear (Male)            Mark Jiao
            Best in Casual Wear (Female)        Camille Vicare

 Best in Talent (Male)                       Mark Jiao
            Best in Talent (Female)                  Babie Rose Quniquis
            Best in Formal Wear (Male)           Clarence Sales
            Best in Formal Wear (Female)       Camille Vicare

Mr. Astro 2nd Runner-Up                Joferd Retana
Ms. Astro 2nd Runner-Up               Kaya Pintor

Mr. Astro 1st Runner-Up                 Clarence Sales
Ms. Astro 1st Runner-Up                Camille Vicare

Mr. Astro 2016                                Mark Jiao
Ms. Astro 2016                               Babie Rose Quiniquis

Thursday, September 8, 2016

RTU-AstroSoc’s New Officers

Officers taking oath. 

MANDALUYONG CITY— Fourth Year student, Phoebe Pura was held as the new President of the RTU-Astronomy Society after gathering a total of 44 votes—nine votes ahead against her competitor—last August 12 polls.

Completing the new sets of officers are: Ralph Tiburdo, Vice President for Observation and Instrumentation; May Dacula, Vice President for Education and Research; Angelica Busalla, Secretary; Al Santiano, Treasurer; and, Chelsea Paterno, Auditor.

Moreover, year level representatives are: Jathniel Bueno, First Year; Darlene Rodriguez, Second Year; Christian Demegillo, Third Year; Babie Rose Quiniquis, Fourth Year; and, Jhan-Jhan Abel, Fifth Year.

Last August 31, they took oath under the Commission of Student Election (COMSELEC) Chairperson Julie Mae Dela Rosa held in Astronomy Auditorium. Witnessing the event are Heribert Rendon, President of the Supreme Student Council; Jeroh Hiyastro, CEIT Board Member;  Mark Perez, CAHS Board Member; and, Vivian Fundal, COMSELEC, Deputy

Officers with adviser Prof. Ryan Guido

Report by CompaƱero, Hans Carlo J.

Photos by VG Garrido

Thursday, June 30, 2016


      BS Astronomy Technology Batch 2016 graduates participated in the recently concluded 1st Student Research Conference held at the RTU Plenary Hall, June 29.

     For the poster competition, Ms. Sharmae Hajar Formanes' research, "Starspots Effect in the Orbital Period Variability of Chromospherically Binary Star System" won the first place. And, Mr. Jhan-Curt Fernandez', "On Determining the Ephemerides of the Main Belt Minor by Means of Algorithm", acquired as the second place.

     Moreover, Mr. Michael Figureoa and Ms. Mary Grace Arcenal's, "Development of An Effective Material for the Introduction of Astronomy to Young Learner 7 to 11 Years Old" was presented in the oral presentation of the research forum.

      Mr. Ryan Manuel Guido, Department of Earth and Space Sciences ( DESS ) faculty member, was the thesis adviser.

     DESS highly commends their exemplary performance during the competition.

Report by: Jerald Karl Angelo B. Barranta and Julian Cortes

Sunday, June 26, 2016

International SUN Day 2016

Report by Mary Margareth Bauyon  

photos by Jianro Fadul

MANDALUYONG CITY—Rizal Technological University (RTU) is one all over the globe in celebrating the International SUN Day.  This event was held earlier this morning, June 26, organized by RTU-Astronomy Society (RTU-AstroSoc).

Free solar observation held at university quadrangle started at eight-thirty am and ended around eleven am. Students were able to observe the sun in different filters: Calcium-K, Hydrogen Alpha and white light.

Moreover, series of lecture was held at the Earth and Space Sciences’ auditorium. First speaker was Mr. Christopher Lou; an astronomy enthusiast and member of Astronomy League of the Philippines (ALP) and Manila Street Astronomers (MSA). His talk pertains to introducing astronomy in the community, and the importance of celebrating International SUN Day.

Followed by Mr. Jeroh Hiyastro; 5th year BS Astronomy student, and former president of Solar Monitoring Guild (SMG). Mr. Hiyastro’s lecture was about solar observation, solar filters and interesting solar activities.

Program was concluded with the closing remarks of RTU-AstroSoc President, Ms. Julie Ann Delda.

Astronomy students observing the sun.

Students listening to the lecture.

Awarding of certificate to lecturers: Mr. Lu (left) and Mr. Hiyastro (right) given by
Ms. Pauline Divinagracia, SMG Adviser with Ms. Julie Ann Delda, RTU-AstroSoc President.

Astronomy Students SUN Day groupie!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse
March 9, 2016

Time lapse of the Partial Solar Eclipse occurred last March 9, 2016. Set of images were taken at Rizal Technological University, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City and approximately aligned. Few clouds were present during the course of imaging that makes the color of the Sun change in some frames.
[Details of the setup]
Orion Atlas EQ-G mount
Canon EOS 550D
ISO 400
1/250s exposure

Partial Solar Eclipse Event

MANDALUYONG CITY—Rizal Technological University-Department of Earth and Space Science (RTU-DESS) spearheaded a public observation for the partial solar eclipse, March 9.

With the help of the DESS’s finest telescopes: H-Alpha, Calium-K and Dobsonian—students, guests and RTU staff were able to observed this astronomical phenomena—which made them amused and astonished.

Also present in event were: Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres, RTU President; Ms. Ruby Dela Cruz, DESS Head and guest students from New Era University (NEU).

What is a partial solar eclipse?

Partial Solar Eclipses happen when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, but they don't align in a perfectly straight line. Because of this, the Moon only partially covers the Sun's disc. (Source:

 For more pictures: RTU Astronomy Society Facebook
The Armillary Publication
Writer: Jerald Barranta
Photographer: Chenel Dominguez

Best Students' Organization

Best Students' Organization

RTU AstroSoc: One of the best students' organization in the Rizal Technological University!

National Astronomy Week

National Astronomy Week
Day 4-5
February 18-19, 2016

Day 4 is an outreach program program for the students of Aguho Elementary School. Another outreach program was held for day 5 at Ricardo Papa Cruz, Sr. Elementary School.

National Astronomy Week

National Astronomy Week
Day 3
February 17, 2016

NAW Day 3: PAGASA Tour

 BS Astronomy Technology (BSAst) students and guests from New Era University (NEU) visited the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) Main office, Quezon City, February 17.

            First itinerary was the Science Garden. Students saw where the synoptic observation took place. Also, PAGASA personnel discussed the weather instruments and its use.

Then, a tour in the forecasting building. Students saw the Media section—where severe weather conditions were being announced; Hydro-meteorological section—where dams were monitored, and the Panahon TV set.

Followed by a planetarium show; succeeded by the awarding of the Skyscape contest winners.

            Furthermore, this event was organized by Third Year BSAst students.


 for more pictures: RTU Astronomy Society Facebook
The Armillary Publication
Writer: Jerald Barranta
Photographer: Chenel Dominguez