Sunday, December 16, 2012

Philippine Space Agency - Pursuing the Dream for Filipino Astronomers

The RTU Astronomy Society joined in the press-conference held last Friday to debunk the 21 Dec 2012 Doomsday Event as well as announce the plans of the creation of a Philippine Space Agency through the House Bill 6725.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Astronomy Seminar

New Information and Ideas, Gateway for Public Awareness.

The Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society (RTU-AstroSoc) organized a seminar last November 23, 2012 which was held in the Research and Development Building Research Auditorium with the theme “New Information and Ideas: Gateway for Public Awareness”.

With the whole room jam-packed with guests from other departments, the program was officially started at exactly 1:30 p.m. with the opening remarks by the current RTU-AstroSoc president Mr. John Christian Lequiron. This was then followed by a solemn prayer and the singing of our National Anthem. After the opening remarks, the first person to do his talk was Mr. Richard Aragon.

Mr. Aragon, a current professor in the Rizal Technological University and a graduate from the University of the Philippines- Diliman Campus with the degrees B.S. in Chemistry, M.S. in Chemistry, and Ph.D. in Chemistry, discussed about Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life. His talk was all about how primeval organic elements present on the planet Earth long time ago formed biomolecules which are the basic building blocks of life. Guests were permitted to ask questions after his talk. Next to do his talk was the RTU-AstroSoc’s very own Mr. Jerome Felicidario with his presentation entitled “Space Junks: A Hindrance in Space Exploration. He elaborately discussed things about space junks- what are they and where did they come from. Solutions on getting rid of these space junks were said too.

After an intermission number, Mr. Reuel Norman Marigza, a graduate from Silliman University, discussed all about astrophotography. Well, almost all people who were enticed in astronomy grew their interest by looking at pictures of astronomical bodies. Proper techniques on taking pictures of celestial objects were explained very well. Mr. Marigza ended his discussion with a quote by Ansel Adams which is “You don’t take pictures, you make it.” He was then followed by an interactive talk by Ms. Rochelle Derilo which was all about light pollution. Her way of discussing was very engaging as well as informative. She first enumerated the different causes of light pollution and its surprising negative physiological and ecological effects. She then gave copies of an operating system with astronomical applications to those who answered and asked her some questions.

Certificates were then given to the presenters and guests at around 5 o’clock in the evening, signifying the end of the seminar.  This was then followed by an observation activity on the RTU quadrangle which lasted until 9 o’clock of the same evening.


Writer: Mr. Jhan-Curt Fernandez
Photos by: Ms. Fey Albayda and Ms. Margareth Custodio