Friday, May 8, 2015

SORP, Armillary Publication and RTU-AMD

Organization and Program under RTU-Astronomy Society and RTU-DESS

Solar Observation and Research Program (SORP)
is a program that means to develop the skills and knowledge of solar observers as well as contribute to science through data gathering, archiving, and distribution. The SORP conducts morphological and statistical studies of the Sun.

The Armillary Publication
is the official publication of the RTU-Astronomy Society and RTU-Department of Earth and Space Sciences. It covers all the astronomy event of the organization and of the department, and also it covers some astronomical events.

RTU-Astronomy and Meteorology Division
The Astronomy and Meteorology Division is a newly formed division of Department of Earth and Space Sciences under the jurisdiction of Rizal Technological University. The division is mandated to give reliable information from their own weather products and/or from DOST-PAGASA forecast bulletins for its parent department and for the safety of its own students during severe weather emergencies. The division is also tasked to nurture students that taking up BS Astronomy Technology who do have specialization on weather and climate.

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