Friday, September 12, 2014

International Observe the Moon Night

September 6, 2014
In celebrating the event “International Observe the Moon Night”, the Department of Earth and Space Sciences and BS-Astronomy Technology students conducted a lunar observation at RTU - Boni Campus quadrangle. The observation team was headed by Ms. Pauline Pearl Divinagracia and Mr.
Miguel Artificio, who were assisted by the 5th year OJT students, Jhoana Marie Tabios and Andrew Bayot. Other astronomy students were also there to help in conducting the public observation.

We started the observation by 6:00 PM PST. The sky condition was perfect by the time we started, with 0% cloud cover. We used 3 telescopes for this observation. The 10-inch newtonian reflector telescope, a 6-inch newtonian reflector telescope on a german equatorial mount and a 3-inch refracting telescope.
The lunar observation was attended by BS Astronomy students, and College of Arts and Science students and other students from various courses. A Natural Science instructor Ms. Rubelyn Narra invited her class to also participate the observation. While observing the moon, the observation team also showed the planets Mars and Saturn to the students which amazed them on how beautiful these planets are.

The nightsky has been perfect for moon observation until the clouds started forming at around 8:00 PM. We took advantage of the remaining hour for further discussions regarding the moon and nightsky observations. The troupe started packing up at 9 PM.

For more information about "Inomn (International Observe the Moon Night)" go to their website

Here are some of the pictures taken by the observation team during the observation.

Prepared by: Jhoana Marie Tabios, Andrew Bayot and Miguel Artificio

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