Saturday, August 3, 2013

A student from RTU presented his research to DOST 35th Annual Scientific Meeting

The meeting's theme is “HARNESSING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY REVERSING THE DECLINE OF THE MANUFACTURING SECTOR IN THE PHILIPPINES”. Scientist from different Universities presented a lecture that is related to the theme, there were also technical sessions during the 2nd day of the meeting. Scientist, Educators, students and media from all over the Philippines attended this meeting.

          Scientist, Educators, Students and Media from all over the Philippines attended this meeting

                                   Miguel Artificio and research adviser Dr. Custer Derocaris 
Miguel Artificio with Engr. Raul Sabularase (Deputy Executive Director PCIEERD DOST)

This meeting was held at The Manila Hotel on the date of July 10 and 11 2013. With the help of Dr. Mylene Cayetano from Clean Air Asia and Dr. Custer Deocaris from RTU, who both are also part of DOST Balik Scientits program helped me in making a research entitled “Using data retrievals from CALIPSO and AERONET: Case study of aerosol optical thickness over the Philippines and the East Asian region” that was presented on the Poster Paper competition during the NAST 35th annual scientific meeting. Being there was a great honor for me and for my school Rizal Technological University, though I did not win, I still felt that this was a big accomplishment for me, the lectures itself were very interesting and relevant in the field of improving the Manufacturing sector of the Philippines, and being able to participate in a very big scientific event such as this inspires me to   Strive harder in helping develop Astronomy in the Philippines.

The Scientific Poster that was presented during the meeting.
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