Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Starburst 6: Camarines Sur Polytechnical College

Another successful Starburst (stargazing), this time in Camarines Sur Polytechnic College. The CSPC is the 4th SUC that RTU astronomy team has visited since the signing of Memorandum of Agreement of the 29 State Universities and Colleges (including RTU) from different provinces in the Philippines, the SUCs' presidents agreed with Dr. Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres (president of the RTU) to bring astronomy closer to Filipinos by conducting lectures, stargazing and researches in their respective State Universities and Colleges.
RTU Astronomy Team brought its 11th starburst to CSPC located in Nabua, Camarines Sur, Bicol. The campus is a 10 hour land travel from Manila; the group consisted of 13 BS Astronomy students, an intern from the University of Michigan, 3 teachers and the very supportive Vice President for Student Services. The starburst in CSPC took place in June 26, 2013 in time with the CSPC's pearl anniversary. Early that day the telescopes were exhibited in the auditorium lobby, the exhibit caught the attention of students and faculty, the BS Astronomy students who manned the exhibit entertained many questions from curious students and faculty and invited them to join the lectures and stargazing prepared by the team. The program started at exactly 3:00 PM, the lecture about Stars and Constellation was delivered by Manuel Ryan Guido, which was immediately followed by Telescopes and Astrophotography of Reuel Norman Marigza. Jennifer Sotelo broke the ice among the audience with a short game before she talked about Meteoroids, Meteor, and Meteorites. The multi-talented intern from the University Michigan, Andreia Carillo amazed the audience with a song number before discussing Solar Observation. Right after the lectures, the Dos and Donts during stargazing was discussed by Jeroh Histario.
At 6:00 PM the telescopes were set up in the vast open field of the campus. More students of CSPC came, there were also some students from nearby high schools and elementary schools. A planetarium show was presented by Joana Marie Tabios using Celestia and Stellarium, they were shown interesting objects visible that night. Between 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM students were awed by the celestial objects form the constellations of Lyra, Sagittarius and Scorpius they also witnessed the jewel of the night sky, Saturn. Luckily the place was dark enough for the Milky Way to be seen; "It's like a patch of cloud that never moves" said one student who realized for the first time what he has been observing during clear nights. With the instructions of Margareth Custodio, a CSPC's faculty member with a DSLR camera captured the Milky Way at 10 pm the team decided to call it a night, clouds rolled in as the moon rises. 
The RTU Astronomy Team would like to thank Dr. Dulce Atian for inviting us for the warm welcome and pleasant stay in CSPC. To Dr. Salvacion Pachejo for the support and appreciation on what we do. And to Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres who makes all of our stargazing and astronomy outreach happen.

June 26, 2013
Nabua, Camarines Sur
State Univerity and Colleges:
Camarines Sur Polytechnic College
SUC’s President:
Dr. Dulce F. Atian
Approximately 3000
The RTU Astronomy Team:
Frank Batin
Janjan Abel
Jonah Micah Inguito
Jeniffer Sotelo
Jerald De Leon
Jerome Felicidario
Joshua Guda
Joana Marie Tabios
Julie Anne Delada
Michael Figeroa
Margareth Custodio
Reynan Campana
Rose Ann Bautista

Reuel Norman Marigza
Ruby Dela Cruz
Ryan Manuel Guido

Vice President for Students' Services:
Dr. Salvacion Pachejo

Ruby Dela Cruz

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