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Dance of the Planets 2013

Dance of the Planets
credits to Astro Bob

Feb. 7 and 8 – Mercury passes very close to Mars (0.3 degrees) low in the western sky at dusk

Feb. 16 – Mercury at greatest elongation east of the sun and easy to find during evening twilight.

May 22-30- Venus, Mercury and Jupiter cluster together low in the western sky after sunset. Close conjunctions of Venus and Mercury (24th), Mercury and Jupiter (26th) and Venus and Jupiter (27th-28th). Low but a potentially great show. The southern states will have the better views.
June 1 – Striking lineup of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury low in the western sky after sunset. Find an unobstructed horizon to see best.
* First week of June – Mercury well-placed for viewing low in the western evening sky.

July 3-4 – Venus returns to the evening sky visible low in the west during twilight. On these dates, binocular users will see the planet pass in front of the Beehive star cluster in Cancer.

July 21-23 – Conjunction of Mars and Jupiter. Both planets now return to the morning sky and pair up within one degree of each other on these dates. They’re visible in Gemini low in the eastern sky before sunrise.
August 3-5 – Very nice lineup of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter joined by the thin crescent moon these mornings. Look to the east about an hour before sunrise.
September 5-6 – Venus near Spica low in the southwestern sky at dusk
September 8 – Fine conjunction of the crescent moon and Venus this evening

November 1 – Venus at greatest elongation east of the sun. It finally gains some altitude and becomes much easier to see this month during evening twilight.

November 25-26 – Mercury and returning Saturn meet up together for a close conjunction. The two will be just one degree apart on these dates.
December 6 – Venus dazzles as it climbs higher and reaches greatest brilliancy for the year.

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