Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RTU-AstroSoc’s First Astrophotography Contest

Astronomy Photography

The Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society held its first astrophotography contest last January 19-20, 2012 at the RTU Boni Campus quadrangle. This event was for the selection of a sole winner who will be the representative of the RTU AstroSoc for the upcoming Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration’s first astrophotography contest this coming February 18-20 2013.

All of the mechanics were explained by the current RTU AstroSoc president, Mr. John Christian Lequiron, at the start of the event. It was stated that to be a qualified contestant, one must be an officially-enrolled Bachelor of Science in Astronomy Technology student of RTU, a member of the RTU AstroSoc, and owns his/her own camera, of course.  All of the contestants were permitted to use any telescopes and optics available. Furthermore, seven hours (9 pm to 4 am) were given to each contender for them to take pictures of celestial objects; and at the end of the allotted time, each should submit three images without any means of editing. The images as well as the contestants themselves were judged based on these...


20% Creativity

20% Image Quality

30% Originality

30% Mastery of Equipment

=100% TOTAL

After the telescopes were brought down to the campus quadrangle, each contestant quickly selected their telescope of preference and took pictures with different techniques. The contestants were Faye Albayda (1st year), Miguel Artificio (5th year), Frank Batin (3rd year), Justin Cejalvo (1st year), Margareth (2nd year) and Marycon (1st year) Custodio, Julie-Ann Delda (1st year), Val Gerald Garrido (1st year), Jeroh Hiyastro (1st year), and Jason Kalaw (1st year). Each chose their favourite celestial objects as subjects of their images. The competition went smoothly under the glare of the waxing gibbous moon during that time.

Following the thorough assessing of the selected judges who are Ms. Ruby-Ann Dela Cruz,Mr. Ryan Guido, Mr. Norman Marigza and Mr. Kelvin Martinez; the top three winners were Miguel Artificio, Frank Batin, and Margareth Custodio respectively. Due to some circumstances, the judges decided to do another astrophotography contest with only the top three winners. A winner will be chosen from that point WHO will be the representative of the RTU-AstroSoc for the coming PAGASA's First Astrophotography Contest.

Written by: Jhan-Curt Fernandez

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