Saturday, March 17, 2012

ALP's Closing of NAW in RTU

The Astronomical League of the Philippines, Inc. also known as ALP goes to RTU to conduct their closing ceremony of NAW.

ALP's Theme: Astronomy 2012: The Real Deal

The ALP with Ms. Ruby and Ms. Pauline

Astronomical League of the Philippines

ALP's Public Viewing

RTU-AstroSoc joins ALP's Public Viewing

     Last February 25 2012, Sunday, one of the biggest events happened at the Rizal Technological University, Department of Earth And Space Sciences, Astronomy Society. The Astronomy League of the Philippines (ALP) conducted their closing program in celebration of the National Astronomy Week at RTU.

     Lecture presentations were given by well known individuals and members of the RTU Astronomy Society and ALP such as Mr. Norman Marigza, Christopher Go, Mr. John Ray Cabrera, Dr. Armando Lee and Dr. Reinabelle Reyes.

     Mr. Cabrera discussed about the composition of our universe such as dark matter, ordinary matter and dark energy.

     Dr. Jett Aguilar tackled the different observable features of the sun such as solar prominences, corona, sun spots, flares and others. 
     Mr. Go discussed the different tools and ways used to enhance the raw image or video file of a planet or planetary imaging. He featured and performed some computer software that is used to enhance images of planets such as REGISTAX.

     Mr. Marigza discussed the different possible "attacks" of the universe in our planet (black holes, super novae, big rip, gamma ray burst attack, etc.). Despite the threats imposed by the universe on us, Mr. Marigza put a smile on his audience as he discussed his lesson together with jokes that fits the lecture, much to our delight.

     After the presentation of the lectures, ALP and CUTTING EDGE, one of the sponsor of the event, awarded a certificate for all the presenters as an appreciation for their time and willingness to share their knowledge especially for the astronomy students. Last but not the the least, Mr. Ty addressed his closing remarks to end the program.

     Later in the afternoon, The ALP conducted a public viewing at the RTU quadrangle right after the program up to 10:00 pm. The astronomy students even the University staffs such as the guards, maintenance crew, varsity players, and students of RTU actively participated. Some of the celestial objects seen are the moon, Jupiter, Venus, Pleiades, and the other common heavenly objects.

     ALP's celebration of the National Astronomy Week ends up after the public viewing. But as the activity ends, the astronomical journey through knowledge sharing to the public is still the biggest deal for us Filipinos who study astronomy here in the Philippines.

“Discovery takes time …… so keep looking up!”


“Clear skies to you...”


Narrative Report
by: Michael Figueroa

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